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This week's schedule:

Friday Night Football Game Schedule

Example Schedule - Somersworth High School Football Game

4:45 PM Arrive at SHS

5:00 PM Rehearsal Begins

7:00 PM Playoff Football Game begins

8:00-ish Halftime

9/9:15 PM Approximate End of Game

Saturday Competition Schedule

Example Schedule - Sanford High School Show

12:30 PM Rehearsal

3:15 PM Load the trailer and buses

4:00 PM Leave for Sanford

5:00 PM Finals begins

6:00 PM The Blue Hawks take the field!

7:30 PM Full retreat and awards

9:00 PM Approximate Return to MHS

Student Leadership for 2024-2025

Drum Majors: TBD     Woodwind Section Leader: TBD

Pit Captain: TBD Brass Section Leader: TBD

Drum Captains: Ethun Quinlan & Charlotte Smith

Guard Captains: Taylor Udy & Katelyn Whiteman

We use the band app for communication during the season.  If you wish to check it out to create an account and download the app please go here: